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Our Mission

Built on Quality, Integrity and Innovation

As a long term company in the Nutraceutical industry, Thion Global strives to be the leading worldwide procurement & quality control arm of all wellness companies. Our goal is setting the highest product validation within the natural ingredient material sector of every market who utilizes God's earth grown products. This creates safe mindsets to manufacturers, Co-Packers, and branding clients who ultimately produce globally recognized finished product brands. Our team of agents and specialists in each designated field dedicates themselves to providing only the very best in quality customer service coupled with being a healthy, positive and productive alliance.

"What truly sets our company apart is our genuine belief system of treating our customers as we would like to be treated in return. In doing so, we will only be as great as the customers and people who grow with us"

-Tiffany Kiro

Our Company & Team

Thion Global is built on a solid foundation of experienced industry professionals who in its beginning chose to be part of this company based on the vision and core values that it stood on, Quality, Integrity and Innovation. As our business grows we continually realize and are reminded it is through these principles customers return back to Thion Global. As we all know there are many underlying issues that are evident within this market so we base our business around the solutions to these problems.

What Thion Global brings to the industry?

We are always asked, what does our business exactly do? Our first answer is that we are a company that delivers only the best health products and services to our industry and thus gives back to the wellness of all people, that is simply what we do. Yet when it gets down to exactly what we do and any of the "value added services" the list goes on. Customers coming to Thion Global can expect to find that we as a company can handle almost any aspect of the health market. Those services that set our company apart are:

Personalized & Professional Quality Service

This is our very first service emphasized because we feel that this is by far one of the most value added service a company can provide. Upon our surveyed customers, they say customer service is by far, the #1 complaint, followed by product quality, within must companies they work with now. Thus we only strive to make that our first priority so that we carry the #1 solution. We make sure to get back with our clients in a very timely manner.


Our staff consists of professionals whom have been in their fields of business for many years and are the best at what they do. We also acknowledge that amongst the top of all customer complaints are logistics, operations, and shipping errors. The solution lies in the hands of our trained warehouse crews who from the east to the west coast work day in and day out to assure on-time delivery to our customers. Due to the fact many of these individuals have long term logistic shipping/carrier relationship, sales, purchasing, and operational experience they know how to facilitate this crucial part of our business. We have mandatory SOP's which from the time of order to the time of delivery your products are handled with the up most care.

Our Products & Value Added Services

Our valued customers depend on a reliable supply of quality materials in all divisions of our company and therefore expect cost effective pricing for their production requirements. In order to facilitate these needs, Thion Global provides Manufacturer Direct Raw Ingredients; hence having secured manufacturer volume discounts.

  • Manufacturers/Producers of Premium Natural Ingredients
  • Wholesale Ingredients include: Amino Acids, Herbals, Extracts, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Certified Organics and many more.
  • Sourcing/Auditing Team assures manufacturers and products to be industry compliant and match standards and regulations set forth by the FDA
  • Consistent Quality Assurance through in depth analysis testing
  • Manufacturer Volume Discounts yields savings to Thion Global and to its customers
  • Ensures all of our projects contain top grade materials at competitive pricing

Value Added Services

Let Thion Global and its team of professionals do the work for you! Our credentials and history of success in all aspects of the nutrition industry speaks for itself. Our knowledge of new and innovative trends provides an edge for production and desired results. Our graphics and technology department assists customers far beyond any other company in our market today.

  • Custom & proprietary blends, premixes and full product development
  • On staff doctors who can do in depth product and formula analysis
  • Full online/ Design/Production Team to help with final design implementation and customer presence in marketplace.
  • Multiple Warehousing locations

Whether its sourcing the best products on a wholesale level, having the ability to making full blends, or even provide full product development...Thion Global is truly your #1 source for all of your wellness solutions!

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