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In order to maintain customer satisfaction as well as achieve our up most success we are taking underlying/direct issues within the industry, secured resolutions to these problems, and have implemented these solutions within our company structure. All items below pertain to our ingredient sourcing, product development, quality control, and therefore secures premium finished products.

Quality Assurance

In a world of full of change where Herbals, Organics, Fruits, Vegetables, and naturally grown products are becoming even more popular for human consumption and health, we MUST look into quality assurance more than ever before. At Thion Global we BELIEVE in supplying not only our customers but to ourselves, the finest quality natural raw ingredients grown worldwide. In doing so, we implement the following when sourcing raw ingredients and materials:

  • Manufacturer Audits - Every product sourced must undergo and pass a full manufacturer audit from our professional staff (internationally/domestic) making sure they follow GMP compliance
  • Samples - Before we will release any material or product we must review and have tested a sample from the facility and lot specified
  • Certificates of Analysis/ Specifications - All corresponding information for materials are reviewed extensively to check for consistency of product prior to shipment. When matching specifications, we take extensive measures to ensure accuracy.

As with the importance of quality, we also realize that we must have a competitive advantage in pricing in order to drive business. Therefore, once we have assured the quality we focus on securing price. In order to achieve this goal, we have taken the steps and do the following:

  • Manufacturing Direct Sourcing - This cuts out an additional broker, which gives our customers substantial cost savings in every aspect of product development
  • Shipping Costs - Warehousing locations available worldwide provides substantial savings
  • All inclusive - We will take your vision and create a custom formulation to meet your needs. Direct sourcing on all required necessities in development (raw ingredients, etc.) gives us ability to reduce costs.
Time Savings

We understand and believe in the phrase, "time is money". In saying that, we have found value added solutions that can help accomplish this:

  • Custom Blends - cut time in contract manufacturing with our ability to blend either a few or all of the raw ingredients within your formula.
  • Full Product Development - Let Thion Global do the work for you! With in-house doctors and direct sourcing, we alleviate the need to outsource many of your project needs
  • Product delivery - with accessibility to multiple warehousing locations, we can regulate where your products are stocked to insure on time delivery and production efficiency

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